When you have a child in dire need of a nappy /diaper change and you are somewhere you don't know - you need the iPhone Baby Room Finder app to quickly show you the nearest baby changing facility!

Using the iPhone's built-in GPS location services, the app locates you and shows pins (or retail icon) on a Google map where the local baby changing rooms are within a half-mile radius. Of course, all the usual map functions such as zooming in / out and centring the map on a location are also available.

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Once you have found a baby room, tapping on the pin / icon will show you the location name and whether it's a unisex, male or female facility. Simply tap on the arrow and you'll be taken to the iPhone's built-in Maps location giving you directions from your current location to that of the selected baby room.

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Baby Room Finder has been built as a community-style app so that if you find a new baby room that is not in the global database, your current GPS location can be added along with a name right there and then - so that you and others will benefit in the future.

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Baby Room Finder covers over 200 locations across the world and counting as our users add new baby changing rooms they've visited.


Flowing River Software hope you find Baby Room Finder both useful and fun to use.